In order to understand why old Korean books were written backwards, it is important to understand a bit about the history of the Korean alphabet. The Korean alphabet, called hangeul, was invented in the 15th century by King Sejong the Great. At the time, the Korean peninsula was divided into three kingdoms: Joseon (in what is now North Korea), Goryeo (in what is now South Korea), and Balhae (in what is now northeastern China).

Each of these kingdoms had its own writing system, based on Chinese characters. However, King Sejong wanted to create a writing system that was specifically for the Korean language, and so he invented hangeul. Hangeul was designed to be easy to learn and to use, and it quickly became popular.

However, hangeul was not always written the way it is today. In the early days of hangeul, the characters were written in a vertical column from top to bottom, and each character was read from right to left. This is the same way that Chinese characters are written and read.

So why did Korean books start being written backwards? Well, it all has to do with the way that hangeul is written today. Hangeul is now written in a horizontal line from left to right, just like English. This change was made in the early 20th century, when the Korean peninsula was under Japanese rule.

The Japanese wanted to make it easier for people to learn and use hangeul, so they changed the way it was written. They also changed the order of the characters, so that they would be read from left to right instead of right to left.

This change was opposed by many Koreans, who saw it as a way for the Japanese to control the Korean language. However, the change eventually stuck, and today hangeul is written from left to right.

As a result of this change, old Korean books are now written backwards. This is because they were originally written in the old way, with the characters arranged in vertical columns from top to bottom. When the Japanese changed the way hangeul was written, the books had to be re-written so that they could be read from left to right.

This can be confusing for people who are not used to reading old Korean books. However, it is actually not too difficult to get used to. Once you know how the characters are arranged, you will be able to read the books just like any other book.

Other related questions:

Are books backwards in Korea?

No, books are not backwards in Korea.

Why do Asians read backwards?

There is no one answer to this question as there is no one way that all Asians read. Some may read from left to right, while others may read from right to left. Additionally, some Asians may read in a mix of both directions depending on the context.

What is the purpose of reading backwards?

There is no one answer to this question as people can have different reasons for reading backwards. Some might do it for fun or to challenge themselves, while others might do it to help with their reading comprehension or to better remember what they have read. Additionally, some people might read backwards due to a learning disability or other issue that makes it difficult for them to read forwards.

What country reads books from back to front?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different countries have different reading habits. However, it is generally agreed that Japan is one of the few countries that reads books from back to front.


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