The blog section explains that testing reading based on questions answered doesn’t work because it’s not an accurate measure of a student’s ability to read. It’s also not a good way to assess a student’s understanding of the material. Furthermore, it can be frustrating for students because they may feel like they’re not being tested on their actual reading ability.

Other related questions:

What were the drawbacks of classical education system?

There were several drawbacks to the classical education system. One was that it was extremely expensive. Another was that it was often only available to the wealthy elite. Additionally, the classical education system was often very rigid and focused on the memorization of facts rather than the development of critical thinking skills.

Why is learning to read not a natural process?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many different theories on why learning to read is not a natural process. Some experts believe that it is because reading requires the use of symbols that represent sounds, which is not something that we do naturally. Others believe that it is because reading is a relatively new skill that humans have only developed over the last few thousand years, and so our brains have not evolved to learn it easily. Whatever the reason, it is clear that learning to read is not something that comes naturally to most people and it requires a lot of practice and effort to become proficient at it.

What are the causes of the decline in reading ability?

There are many potential causes of the decline in reading ability. Some possible causes include a decrease in the quality of education, a lack of interest in reading, and an increase in the use of technology.

What are the challenges faced by learners when reading?

There are a number of challenges that learners face when reading. These include issues with fluency, comprehension, and motivation.


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