We’ve all seen them before- the large print books with the hideous, garish cover art. They’re hard to miss, and they’re often the butt of jokes among book lovers. But why are they so ugly?

The simple answer is that cover art for large print books is designed to be easy to read. The letters are usually bigger and the colors are often brighter, making them easier on the eyes for people with vision problems.

But that doesn’t mean that all large print books have ugly cover art. In fact, many publishers are now starting to pay more attention to the aesthetics of their large print books, and are using more attractive cover designs.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful book to read, don’t judge it by its cover- especially if it’s a large print book!

Other related questions:

Why do all book covers look like that?

There is no one answer to this question – each book cover is designed to appeal to a specific audience, and so they will all look different. However, some elements are often used on book covers in order to make them more eye-catching and memorable, such as bright colors, interesting fonts, and images that relate to the book’s content.

Why are book covers different?

Different publishers often have different designs for their book covers. This can be due to different marketing strategies, target audiences, or simply different design preferences.


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