There are a few reasons why hardcover books don’t usually have the cover printed on them. One reason is that it can be expensive to print the cover onto the hardcover itself. Another reason is that the cover can often get damaged or wrinkled if it’s not protected by a dust jacket. And finally, some people simply prefer the look of a hardcover book without the cover printed on it.

Other related questions:

Why do hardcover books have a paper cover?

Hardcover books have a paper cover because they are bound with a hardcover. The cover protects the pages and binding from wear and tear.

Why do some books go straight to paperback?

There are a number of reasons why a book might go straight to paperback. The most common reason is that the book is not expected to sell well enough to warrant a hardcover release. In some cases, the publisher may feel that the book would be more successful as a paperback original (a book that is only released in paperback, not hardcover). In other cases, the author may request that the book be released in paperback only.

Should you keep the cover on a hardcover book?

It is generally advisable to keep the cover on a hardcover book in order to protect the book’s spine and cover from wear and tear.

What is the paper covering on a hardback book called?

The paper covering on a hardback book is called a dust jacket.


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