It is commonly accepted that reading and writing are the foundations of language learning. Without these skills, it would be difficult to progress to speaking and understanding a foreign language.

There are several reasons why reading and writing are given priority in foreign language teaching. Firstly, reading and writing are the most efficient ways of acquiring new vocabulary. When students read texts, they encounter words in context and can work out the meaning from the context clues. This is much more effective than just memorising words in isolation.

Secondly, reading and writing help to develop students’ grammar knowledge. When students read, they are exposed to correct grammar usage. They can also see how words are used in different contexts and learn new grammar rules. Writing also gives students the opportunity to practise using grammar rules.

Thirdly, reading and writing help to improve students’ reading speed and edition. By reading texts, students can learn to read faster and understand more complex texts. Writing also helps students to organise their thoughts and express themselves more clearly.

Finally, reading and writing are essential skills for academic study. In order to do well in exams and assignments, students need to be able to read and write fluently.

So, there are many good reasons why foreign language teaching focuses on reading and writing. These skills are essential for language learning and academic success.

Other related questions:

How is reading and writing important in learning a foreign language?

Reading and writing are important in learning a foreign language because they help you to learn the correct spelling and grammar of words, and to understand the meaning of what you are reading or writing.

Why is reading and writing easier than speaking?

There are a few reasons why reading and writing may be easier than speaking. First, when we read and write, we have time to think about what we want to say and how to say it. We can also go back and edit our work if we make a mistake. Speaking, on the other hand, is much more spontaneous, and we often don’t have time to think about what we’re going to say before we say it. Additionally, we can’t go back and edit our spoken words in the same way that we can with our written words.

What is the connection between spoken language and reading and writing?

There is a strong connection between spoken language and reading and writing. Speaking and listening are the foundation for learning to read and write. When children learn to read and write, they are building on the skills they have already acquired in speaking and listening.

Why is writing more important than speaking?

Writing is more important than speaking because it allows us to communicate our thoughts and ideas more clearly. When we write, we have the opportunity to revise and edit our work, which helps to ensure that our message is clear and concise. Additionally, writing can be a more permanent form of communication than speaking, which can be helpful when we need to document or reference our thoughts and ideas at a later date.


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