Lori Wick’s last two books are out of print because they are no longer being published. This is usually because the author has decided to stop writing, or the publisher has decided to stop publishing their work. In some cases, it may be because the author has passed away.

Other related questions:

Is Dee Henderson still writing?

Yes, Dee Henderson is still writing.

Who writes like Lori Wick?

There is no one who writes quite like Lori Wick. She has a unique style that is both engaging and heartwarming. Her stories always have a touch of romance, and her characters are always likable and relatable. If you’re looking for an author who writes similar books to Lori Wick, you might try Susan Wiggs or Debbie Macomber.

What is the order of the Janette Oke books?

1. Love Comes Softly
2. Love’s Enduring Promise
3. Love’s Long Journey
4. Love’s Abiding Joy
5. Love’s Unending Legacy
6. Love’s Unfolding Dream
7. Love Takes Wing
8. Love Finds a Home

How old is Lori Wick?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Ms. Wick’s age is not public information. However, based on the release date of her first book, it is safe to estimate that she is in her early 60s.


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