Assuming you’re referring to a second read-through of a piece of writing (as opposed to reading a second book on the same subject), there are a number of questions you can ask yourself during this process:

1. What is the author’s purpose for writing this piece?
2. What are the main points or arguments being made?
3. What evidence or supporting details are used to back up these points?
4. Are there any counterarguments or alternative perspectives being presented?
5. How does this piece fit in with what I already know about the subject?
6. What new information or insights have I gained from reading this?
7. What questions do I still have about the content or the author’s argument?

Asking yourself these questions during a second read-through can help you to better understand and analyse the piece, and can also give you a greater appreciation for the author’s craft.

Other related questions:

When reading a text that’s new to you what’s the main benefit of questioning in order to understand the work?

Questioning allows readers to interact with the text, clarifying their understanding and deepening their engagement with the material. By asking questions, readers can better identify the main ideas and supporting details in a text, as well as uncover their own assumptions and biases. Ultimately, questioning helps readers construct meaning from the text and better remember what they have read.

What step in the reading process helps you clarify your thinking of a reading?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone’s reading process is different. However, some possible steps that could help clarify your thinking while reading might include re-reading confusing or difficult passages, taking notes on key points, or discussing the text with someone else.

What is a reading draft?

A reading draft is a version of a document that is still in progress and that is not yet ready for publication. It is typically used for internal purposes, such as getting feedback from colleagues, and is not meant to be seen by the public.


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