There are a few different books in the Old Testament that are attributed to Ezra. These include the books of Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah. Ezra is traditionally seen as the author of Chronicles, which covers the history of Israel from the time of Adam all the way through the Babylonian captivity. He is also credited with writing the book of Ezra, which tells the story of the Jews’ return from exile in Babylon. Nehemiah, meanwhile, records the events that took place during the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

Other related questions:

How many books did Ezra write in the Bible?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the Bible does not explicitly state how many books Ezra wrote. However, based on the information provided in the Bible, it is generally believed that Ezra wrote at least five books: 1) the Book of Ezra, 2) the Book of Nehemiah, 3) the Book of Chronicles, 4) the Book of Esther, and 5) the Book of Jonah.

Did Ezra write the Old Testament?

No, Ezra did not write the Old Testament.

What did Ezra do in the Old Testament?

Ezra was a priest and scribe who lived in the time of the Babylonian captivity. He was responsible for leading the people of Israel back to their homeland and helping them to rebuild the temple.

Why is the book of Ezra not in the Bible?

We don’t know for sure why the book of Ezra is not in the Bible. Some possible reasons include:

-The book of Ezra was not included in some of the earliest collections of biblical books, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

-The book of Ezra may have been seen as less important than other books in the Bible, such as the Gospels or the Pauline Epistles.

-The book of Ezra may have been seen as less relevant to the Christian faith than other books in the Bible. For example, the book of Ezra is largely about the history of the Jewish people, while the New Testament is focused on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.


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