When were the tintin books written?


Sep 17, 2022

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The Tintin books were written by Belgian author Herge over the course of several decades, with the first book – Tintin in the Land of the Soviets – appearing in 1929. The series proved to be hugely popular, and Herge continued to write new Tintin adventures until his death in 1983. In total, there are 24 Tintin books, which have been translated into hundreds of languages and sold millions of copies around the world.

The Tintin books are set in a variety of different locations, ranging from the Belgian Congo to the Moon, and feature a cast of colourful characters, including the titular Tintin, his faithful dog Snowy, and the bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson. The books are renowned for their engaging stories, wonderful illustrations, and clever sense of humour, and have been enjoyed by generations of readers.

If you’re looking to start reading the Tintin books, then we’d recommend picking up a copy of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, which is the first book in the series. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, then why not start with one of the later books, such as Tintin in Tibet or The Calculus Affair, which are some of the most popular entries in the series. Whichever book you choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about Tintin’s globe-trotting adventures.

Other related questions:

When was the last Tintin book published?

The last Tintin book was published in 1976.

When was each Tintin book published?

The Adventures of Tintin:

The Secret of the Unicorn – 1941

Red Rackham’s Treasure – 1943

The Seven Crystal Balls – 1948

Prisoners of the Sun – 1949

Land of the Black Gold – 1950

Destination Moon – 1953

Explorers on the Moon – 1954

The Calculus Affair – 1956

The Red Sea Sharks – 1958

Tintin in Tibet – 1960

The Castafiore Emerald – 1963

Flight 714 to Sydney – 1968

Tintin and the Picaros – 1976

The Adventures of Tintin: Herge’s Masterpiece Collection – 2003 (Contains The Secret of the Unicorn, Red Rackham’s Treasure, The Seven Crystal Balls, Prisoners of the Sun, Land of the Black Gold, Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon, The Calculus Affair, The Red Sea Sharks, Tintin in Tibet, The Castafiore Emerald, and Flight 714 to Sydney)

When was the first Tintin book made?

The first Tintin book was published in 1929.

What are the 24 Tintin books?

1. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

2. Tintin in the Congo

3. Tintin in America

4. Tintin in the Land of the Phantoms

5. Tintin and the Broken Ear

6. Tintin and the Black Island

7. Tintin and the King Ottokar’s Sceptre

8. Tintin and the Crab with the Golden Claws

9. Tintin and the Shooting Star

10. Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn

11. Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks

12. Tintin and the Land of Black Gold

13. Tintin and the Temple of the Sun

14. Tintin and the Prisoners of the Sun

15. Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharaoh

16. Tintin and the Blue Lotus

17. Tintin and the Broken Ear

18. Tintin and the Black Island

19. Tintin and the King Ottokar’s Sceptre

20. Tintin and the Crab


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