When were the naruto books written?


Sep 16, 2022

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The Naruto books were written over the course of several years, with the first book being published in 1997 and the most recent book being published in 2014. This means that the books were written during a time when the Naruto anime was also being released, which means that they were able to take advantage of the popularity of the anime to sell more copies. However, it should be noted that the books are not simply retellings of the anime, but rather they are original stories that are set in the Naruto universe.

Other related questions:

When were the Naruto books made?

The first Naruto book was published in Japan in July 2000.

When were the Naruto light novels made?

The Naruto light novels were first released in Japan in 2002.

What are the Naruto novels in order?

1. Naruto (novel)

2. Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

3. Naruto: Shippuden (novel)

4. Naruto: The Last

5. Naruto: The Thousand Year Blood War

How many Naruto books are there in total?

There are a total of 72 books in the Naruto series.


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