What year were books of gor written?


Sep 22, 2022

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The first book in the Gor series was written in 1967, and the most recent book was published in 2012.

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How many books did John Norman write about Gor?

John Norman wrote a total of 27 books about Gor, including the original Gor series and the related novels.

What are Gor books?

Gor books are a series of science fiction novels by author John Norman. The books describe the fictional planet of Gor, which is a counter-earth where humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist. The books focus on the adventures of the human protagonist, Tarl Cabot, who is transported to Gor and must navigate the planet’s strange customs and dangerous politics.

How many books are in the Gor series?

There are 10 books in the Gor series.


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