There are a few different reading apps that you can use to read books in sunlight. One option is the Amazon Kindle app, which has a built-in feature called “Whispersync” that makes it easy to keep your place in a book no matter where you stop reading. Another option is the Barnes & Noble Nook app, which also has a “night mode” setting that makes it easier to read in low light conditions. Finally, the Kobo app has a “Comfort Mode” setting that allows you to customize the background and font colors to make reading in sunlight easier on your eyes.

Other related questions:

Which type of ereader can be used in the sun?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as different types of ereaders can be better or worse for reading in sunlight depending on the individual model and screen. Some ereaders have special e-Ink screens that are designed to be more visible in direct sunlight, while others have backlit LCD screens that can be difficult to read in bright light. Ultimately, it is best to experiment with different types of ereaders to see which one works best for you in sunny conditions.

Can you read books on Kindle Fire in sunlight?

Yes, you can read books on Kindle Fire in sunlight.

Can you read a Kindle at the beach?

Yes, you can.


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