In order of publication, Allen Esken’s books are: “The Good Book,” “The Bible,” “The Koran,” “The Torah,” “The Mahabharata,” “The Iliad,” “The Odyssey,” “The Aeneid,” “The Inferno,” “The Canterbury Tales,” “The Decameron,” “The One Hundred Years of Solitude,” “The Divine Comedy,” and “The Odyssey.”

Other related questions:

In what order should Allen Eskens books be read?

The Life We Bury
The Guilty One
The Heavens May Fall
The Shadows We Hide

Is The Life We Bury being made into a movie?

There are no current plans for a movie adaptation of The Life We Bury.

Is there a sequel to The Life We Bury?

At this time, it does not appear that there is a sequel to The Life We Bury.

What book comes after the heavens may fall?

The book that comes after The Heavens May Fall is called The Aftermath.


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