Artem enjoys reading books that are well-written and provide him with new perspectives on life. He particularly enjoys literature, and often reads books by authors from different cultures and time periods. This helps him to expand his vocabulary and understanding of the world. Additionally, Artem is a fast reader, so he often reads multiple books at a time.

Other related questions:

What genre of books does Artem enjoy reading?

Artem enjoys reading books that are considered to be “literary fiction.” This genre typically includes stories that are thought-provoking and deal with complex human emotions and relationships.

How old was Artem when he became senior attorney Tears of Themis?

Artem was 22 years old when he became senior attorney Tears of Themis.

Which of the following physical activities does Marius enjoy?

Marius enjoys physical activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming.

What gift for Artem did you make out of seashells?

I made a seashell necklace for Artem.


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