Upper intermediate reading comprehension is the ability to read and understand texts that are slightly more difficult than those that are typically used in beginner or lower intermediate level classes. This can include texts from a variety of genres, such as novels, short stories, poems, and non-fiction articles. In order to develop upper intermediate reading comprehension, students need to be able to read at a relatively high speed and have a good understanding of vocabulary. Additionally, they should be able to make inferences and deductions based on the information in the text.

Other related questions:

What is upper intermediate B2 level in English?

The upper intermediate level of English is considered to be B2 on the CEFR scale. This means that learners at this level are able to understand and use a wide range of language, including idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms. They are also able to communicate effectively in most situations, including work and study contexts.

What is reading intermediate?

Reading intermediate is a level of reading ability that is between beginner and advanced. This level is often reached after a period of intense reading instruction and practice. Those who are reading at the intermediate level are able to understand and comprehend most texts, but may still struggle with more challenging material.


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