The order of the Under Suspicion books written by Mary Higgins Clark is as follows:

1) Under Suspicion
2) All Dressed in White
3) The Cinderella Murder
4) The Sleeping Beauty Killer
5) Every Breath You Take
6) You Belong to Me
7) I’ve Got You Under My Skin
8) The Widow
9) Kiss of Death

Other related questions:

What is the order of Mary Higgins Clark under suspicion series?

The order of Mary Higgins Clark’s Under Suspicion series is as follows:

1. I’ve Got My Eyes on You

2. All Dressed in White

3. The Cinderella Murder

4. Every Breath You Take

5. You Belong to Me

6. No Time to Die

Do you need to read under suspicion series in order?

No, you do not need to read the Under Suspicion series in order.

Will there be an under suspicion Book 7?

There is no official word on whether there will be a seventh book in the Under Suspicion series. However, the author has hinted that there may be more books to come, so it is possible that a seventh book could be released in the future.


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