The order of books written by Elizabeth George is as follows:

“A Great Deliverance”
“Payment in Blood”
“Well-Schooled in Murder”
“A Suitable Vengeance”
“For the Sake of Elena”
“Missing Joseph”
“In the Presence of the Enemy”
“Deception on His Mind”
“In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner”
“A Traitor to Memory”
“I, Richard”
“Playing for the Ashes”
“Innocent Blood”
“Careless in Red”
“This Body of Death”
“A Banquet of Consequences”
“As the Crow Flies”
“To the Bitter End”
“Fools Rush In”

Other related questions:

What order should I read The Inspector Lynley books?

The Inspector Lynley series should be read in the following order:

1. A Great Deliverance
2. Payment in Blood
3. Well-Schooled in Murder
4. A Suitable Vengeance
5. For the Sake of Elena
6. Missing Joseph
7. Playing for the Ashes
8. In the Presence of the Enemy
9. Deception on His Mind
10. In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
11. A Traitor to Memory
12. With No One as Witness
13. A Cold Treachery
14. To the Hilt
15. A Fearsome Doubt
16. A Perfect Death
17. A Banquet of Consequences

What did Elizabeth George write?

Elizabeth George is a best-selling author of suspense novels.

How many Inspector Lynley Mysteries are there?

There are eight Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Do Lynley and Havers end up together in the books?

No, Lynley and Havers do not end up together in the books.


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