The Harcourt School Publishers guided reading level for “What is This?” is Level K. This level is appropriate for students who are just beginning to read on their own and are developing their vocabulary and reading speed.

Other related questions:

Where can I find guided reading levels for books?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no standard system for classifying books by guided reading level. However, there are a few resources that may be helpful in finding books at a particular level.

One such resource is the “Book Wizard” tool from Scholastic. This tool allows users to search for books by grade level, interest level, and Lexile measure.

Another option is to consult a teacher or librarian. These professionals are often familiar with various classification systems and can help recommend books that are appropriate for a particular reading level.

What is GRL reading system?

GRL reading system is a computerized reading system that can be used to help students with their reading. It can be used to help with reading comprehension, fluency, and other reading skills.


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