What is modified guided reading?


Nov 2, 2022

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Modified guided reading is a type of reading instruction that is geared towards students who are struggling with reading. This approach to reading instruction involves providing students with more support and scaffolding than is typically given in a traditional guided reading lesson. This might include things such as pre-teaching vocabulary, giving more explicit instructions, or providing more support in terms of helping students sounding out words. The goal of modified guided reading is to help struggling students make progress in their reading ability.

Other related questions:

What are the three stages of guided reading?

1. Pre-reading: This stage helps students to activate prior knowledge and to begin thinking about the text.

2. During reading: This stage is when students are actively engaged with the text, reading and re-reading to gain meaning.

3. Post-reading: This stage allows students to reflect on what they have read and to connect the text to their own lives.

What are the stages of guided reading?

1. Pre-reading: The teacher introduces the topic and gives the students some background information.

2. Active reading: The students read the text and actively engage with it, asking questions and making predictions.

3. Post-reading: The students discuss what they have read and reflect on their learning.

What is the difference between shared reading and guided reading?

Shared reading is a type of instruction where the teacher and students read a text together. This can be done with a whole class, small groups, or one-on-one. The purpose of shared reading is to model good reading strategies and provide support to struggling readers.

Guided reading is a type of instruction where the teacher works with a small group of students who are at the same reading level. The teacher will guide the students through a text, helping them with difficult words and concepts. The purpose of guided reading is to help students improve their reading skills.


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