If the elevator moves downward at an increasing speed, the spring scale reading will increase. This is because the force of gravity is greater on the object when it is moving faster.

Other related questions:

When an elevator is moving downward with a increasing speed the apparent weight of a body inside elevator?

The apparent weight of a body inside an elevator moving downward with increasing speed would decrease.

What does the scale read when the elevator is moving up at constant speed?

The scale would read the same as if the elevator were not moving.

When you are accelerating downwards in an elevator your weight has?

Your weight has no effect on your acceleration in an elevator.

Why do you weigh less when elevator is going down?

There are a few reasons why you may weigh less when the elevator is going down. One reason is that the force of gravity is weaker at lower elevations. Another reason is that the air pressure inside the elevator is lower than the atmospheric pressure outside, so your body is less dense. Finally, if the elevator is moving faster than the surrounding air, you may experience a slight wind force that pushes up on you, making you weigh less.


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