In George Orwell’s vision of the future, the government controls everything and books are outlawed. In his novel 1984, the government has destroyed all books written before 1960 and rewritten history to control the population. All that is left of the old literature are a few fragments that are carefully hidden away.

Other related questions:

What happened to books written before 1960?

There is no simple answer to this question. Many factors can affect the long-term survival of a book, including its physical condition, the popularity of its subject matter, and whether it was reprinted or digitized. In general, however, books published before 1960 are more likely to be found in library collections than those published afterwards. This is because libraries began collecting more systematically in the mid-20th century, and because older books are less likely to have been discarded due to changes in taste or fashion.

What happened during the purges of the revolution in the book 1984?

The “purges” during the revolution in the book 1984 were a series of mass executions and other repressive measures carried out by the new government against people it considered to be enemies of the state.

When was 1984 novel written?

The 1984 novel was written in 1948.


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