In her essay “On the Importance of Literature,” Wollstonecraft argues that books can play an important role in shaping our characters and our worldviews. She observes that many books are “trashy” and full of “false sentimentality,” but she believes that there are also many books that can educate and enlighten us. Wollstonecraft believes that books can help us to develop our vocabularies, to learn about other cultures, and to increase our reading speed.

Other related questions:

What writings was Wollstonecraft’s work in response to?

Wollstonecraft’s work was in response to a number of different writings, including those of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Edmund Burke.

Who is Wollstonecraft criticizing on what topic?

Wollstonecraft is criticizing the treatment of women in society. She believes that women are not given the same opportunities as men and are not respected as equals.

What did Mary Wollstonecraft criticize?

Mary Wollstonecraft criticized the treatment of women in her time. She believed that women were not given the same opportunities as men and that they were not treated as equals.

What famous books or articles did Wollstonecraft write what were they about?

Some of Mary Wollstonecraft’s most famous works include “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” and “The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria.” Both of these works explore the ways in which women are oppressed and mistreated by society, and both call for greater equality between the sexes.


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