What books has herm edwards written?


Sep 23, 2022

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Herm Edwards has written several books, including “You Play to Win the Game” and “The Game Plan.” In “You Play to Win the Game,” Edwards provides readers with an inside look at his coaching philosophy and how he motivates his teams to succeed. “The Game Plan” is a more general book about achieving success in life, both on and off the field. Edwards also has a blog, called ” Herm’s House,” which covers a variety of topics related to sports, life and leadership.

Other related questions:

Did Herm Edwards win a Super Bowl?

No, Herm Edwards did not win a Super Bowl.

What nationality is Herm Edwards?

Herm Edwards is an American football coach and former player.

Is Herman Edwards married?

Yes, Herman Edwards is married.

How old is Herm Edwards?

Herm Edwards is 63 years old.

Where has Herm Edwards coached?

Herm Edwards has coached for several teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Jets.


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