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Sep 12, 2022

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1. Start with the first book in the series, “The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.”

2. Read the second book, “The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern.”

3. Read the third book, “The Cat Who Turned On and Off.”

4. Read the fourth book, “The Cat Who Wasn’t There.”

5. Read the fifth book, “The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal.”

6. Read the sixth book, “The Cat Who Moved a Mountain.”

7. Read the seventh book, “The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers.”

8. Read the eighth book, “The Cat Who Went Into the Closet.”

9. Read the ninth book, “The Cat Who Came to Breakfast.”

10. Read the tenth book, “The Cat Who Blew the Whistle.”

11. Read the eleventh book, “The Cat Who Said Cheese.”

12. Read the twelfth book, “The Cat Who Robbed a Bank.”

13. Read the thirteenth book, “The Cat Who Smelled a Rat.”

14. Read the fourteenth book, “The Cat Who Went up the Creek.”

15. Read the fifteenth book, “The Cat Who Brought Down the House.”

16. Read the sixteenth book, “The Cat Who Kicked the Can.”

17. Read the seventeenth book, “The Cat Who Went Over the Falls.”

18. Read the eighteenth book, “The Cat Who Lived High.”

19. Read the nineteenth book, “The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare.”

20. Read the twentieth book, “The Cat Who Sniffed Glue.”

21. Read the twenty-first book, “The Cat Who Went Underground.”

22. Read the twenty-second book, “The Cat Who Saw Stars.”

23. Read the twenty-third book, “The Cat Who Dealt in High Fives.”

24. Read the twenty-fourth book, “The Cat Who Danced Bach.”

25. Read the twenty-fifth book, “The Cat Who Played Post Office.”

26. Read the twenty-sixth book, “The Cat Who Played Brahms.”

27. Read the twenty-seventh book, “The Cat Who Played Mozart.”

28. Read the twenty-eighth book, “The Cat Who Went to Paris.”

29. Read the twenty-ninth book, “The Cat Who Stayed Home.”

30. Read the thirtieth book, “The Cat Who Came for Christmas.”

31. Read the thirty-first book, “The Cat Who Came Back.”

32. Read the thirty-second book, “The

Other related questions:

What order should I read The Cat Who books?

The Cat Who books can be read in any order, as each book is a standalone mystery. However, if you want to read them in chronological order, the series goes as follows:

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare
The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern
The Cat Who Turned On and Off
The Cat Who Wasn’t There
The Cat Who Saw Stars
The Cat Who Lived High
The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal
The Cat Who Moved a Mountain
The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers
The Cat Who Blew the Whistle
The Cat WhoSaid Cheese
The Cat Who Tailed a Thief
The Cat Who Sang for the Birds
The Cat Who Sniffed Glue
The Cat Who Went Underground
The Cat Who Knew the Sea
The Cat Who Robbed a Bank
The Cat Who Brought Down the House
The Cat Who Smelled a Rat
The Cat Who Went up the Creek
The Cat Who Went over the Cliff
The Cat Who Talked Turkey
The Cat Who Lived it Up
The Cat Who Kicked Up the Leaves
The Cat Who Went Bananas
The Cat Who Dropped a

Does the Cat Who series have to be read in order?

There is no specific order in which the Cat Who books need to be read, as each book is a standalone mystery. However, some character development does occur throughout the series, so reading them in order may provide some additional context and enjoyment.

What reading level is the Cat Who series?

The Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun is typically classified as easy reading or beginning reader.

Will the cat who smelled smoke ever be published?

There is no information available about the publication of “The Cat Who Smelled Smoke.”


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