John Reed was an American journalist and socialist activist who is best remembered for his eyewitness account of the October Revolution, Ten Days That Shook the World. Reed was initially supportive of the Bolsheviks, and he even went to live in the Soviet Union for a time. However, he eventually became disillusioned with the Soviet regime and its brutal treatment of its opponents.

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Did John Reed support the Bolsheviks?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as opinions on John Reed’s support for the Bolsheviks vary. Some believe that Reed was a strong supporter of the Bolsheviks and their ideology, while others believe that he was more critical of the Bolsheviks and their actions.

What did John Reed write?

John Reed was a journalist and writer who is best known for his book Ten Days that Shook the World, an account of the October Revolution in Russia in 1917.


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