-What are the different ways that authors can make a book more readable for students?
-What are the different ways that students can improve their reading speed and comprehension?
-What are the different edition of a book can make it more difficult or easier to read?

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How do you introduce a shadow?

There are many ways to introduce a shadow. One way is to ask the audience to imagine they are in a dark room and to slowly look around them. Another way is to slowly move a light across the stage until a shadow appears.

How do you explain shadows to preschoolers?

When an object blocks light, it casts a shadow. The shadow will be the same shape as the object, but it will be darker because the light has been blocked.

What is the purpose of shadow work?

The purpose of shadow work is to help you become aware of the parts of yourself that you have been repressing or denying. By doing shadow work, you can begin to heal the wounds that these parts of yourself have been carrying around.

How do you explain shadows to kindergarten?

Shadows are created when something blocks light. The size of the shadow depends on how close the object is to the light source and how big the object is.


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