1. what is the author’s purpose for writing the novel?
2. what themes are explored in the novel?
3. what is the author’s style of writing?
4. what is the historical context surrounding the novel?
5. how do the characters develop throughout the novel?
6. what is the author’s message in the novel?
7. how does the novel compare to other works in its genre?
8. what are the literary devices used in the novel?
9. what are the symbols used in the novel?
10. how does the ending of the novel affect the reader?

Other related questions:

What message does The Kite Runner teach us?

The Kite Runner teaches us about the power of friendship, loyalty, and redemption.

What are two major themes from The Kite Runner?

The major themes in The Kite Runner are betrayal and redemption.

What does the kite symbolize in the story?

The kite symbolizes freedom, hope, and possibilities.


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