1) what is the author’s purpose in writing this book?
2) what are the most important points the author makes?
3) what evidence does the author use to support his or her points?
4) how does the author’s style and tone contribute to the overall meaning of the text?
5) what are the implications of the author’s arguments?
6) how does this book compare to other books in the same genre?
7) what are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?

Other related questions:

What are 3 problems associated with alcohol?

1. Alcohol can lead to addiction and dependence.

2. Alcohol can negatively impact physical and mental health.

3. Alcohol can be involved in risky behaviors that can result in accidents or injuries.

What can the government do to prevent alcoholism?

There is no one answer to addressing the issue of alcoholism, as different approaches may work for different people. The government can, however, take measures to help reduce the overall incidence of alcoholism. This can include investing in public education campaigns about the risks of excessive alcohol consumption, working with the alcohol industry to promote responsible drinking habits, and increasing access to treatment and support services for those struggling with alcoholism.

What are 3 economic effects of alcohol?

1. Alcohol consumption can lead to increased spending on alcohol and related products.

2. Alcohol consumption can lead to increased risk-taking behavior, which can have negative economic consequences.

3. Alcohol consumption can lead to health problems, which can have negative economic consequences.

What does the government recommend about alcohol?

The government’s dietary guidelines recommend that adults should consume no more than two standard drinks of alcohol a day.


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