1. What is the author’s purpose in writing this book?
2. Who is the author writing to?
3. What historical context is necessary to understand the book?
4. What are the key themes and ideas in the book?
5. What literary devices does the author use to communicate his or her message?
6. How does this book fit into the overall story of the Bible?
7. What are some practical applications that can be drawn from this book?

Other related questions:

What is the connection between Genesis and Exodus?

There is no direct connection between the book of Genesis and the book of Exodus. However, the book of Exodus picks up where the book of Genesis left off, with the Israelites living in Egypt.

What are the 3 key themes in the Book of Genesis?

1. The creation of the world and humanity’s place in it
2. The development of human relationships, including the establishment of families and communities
3. The struggle between good and evil, with God ultimately victorious over evil.

What are some good biblical questions?

1. What is God’s will for my life?

2. How can I know if I am truly saved?

3. How can I grow in my faith?

4. How can I overcome sin in my life?

5. What is the most important thing I can do for God?


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