1) What is the author’s purpose for writing this play?
2) What do the different characters represent?
3) How does the plot develop?
4) What is the play’s main theme?
5) What is the symbolic significance of the play’s title?
6) How does the play’s ending reflect its overall theme?

Other related questions:

What is Arden of Faversham about?

Arden of Faversham is a play about the murder of Thomas Arden by his wife Alice and her lover Mosby.

What genre is Arden of Faversham?

Arden of Faversham is a Jacobean tragedy.

Who is the protagonist of Arden of Faversham?

There is no one clear protagonist in Arden of Faversham. The play follows the events leading up to the murder of Thomas Arden by his wife Alice and her lover, Mosby. While Thomas could be considered the main character, as the events of the play center around him, Alice could also be seen as a protagonist, as she is the one driving the plot forward.

Where does Arden of Faversham take place?

The play Arden of Faversham takes place in Faversham, England.

Did Shakespeare write Arden of Faversham?

No, Shakespeare did not write Arden of Faversham. However, some scholars believe that he may have been involved in its creation, as it is stylistically similar to some of his other works.


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