Questions to ask when reading a play


Sep 28, 2022

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1) What is the play about?

2) What is the play’s genre?

3) What is the play’s structure?

4) What are the play’s characters like?

5) What is the play’s setting?

6) What is the play’s theme?

7) What is the play’s tone?

8) What is the play’s point of view?

9) What are the play’s symbols?

10) What are the play’s motifs?

Other related questions:

What should I look for when reading a play?

When reading a play, you should look for the following:

1. The plot. What is the story about?
2. The characters. Who are the main characters and what motivates them?
3. The setting. Where does the story take place?
4. The dialogue. What do the characters say to each other?
5. The stage directions. What do the director and actors need to know about the setting and the characters?

What are the five categories of questions you should ask yourself when you read a play?

1. What is the playwright trying to say?

2. What is the play’s overall structure?

3. How do the characters change throughout the course of the play?

4. What are the play’s major themes?

5. What is the play’s historical and cultural context?

What are some questions about Theatre?

1. What is theatre?

2. What are the different types of theatre?

3. How did theatre originate?

4. What are the different elements of theatre?

5. What are the different genres of theatre?

6. What are the different styles of theatre?

7. What are the different forms of theatre?

8. What are the different techniques used in theatre?

9. What are the different skills required for theatre?

10. What are the different kinds of stagecraft?

What are the 5 basic elements of a play?

The five basic elements of a play are character, plot, conflict, setting, and theme.


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