When second graders are reading a text, they are often asked to answer questions that require them to make inferences. In order to do this, they need to be able to cite evidence from the text that supports their answers.

One of the best ways to help second graders with this is to model for them how to do it. When you are reading a text with your child, stop every now and then to point out how you are using evidence from the text to support your inferences.

You can also help them by providing opportunities for them to practice. Look for texts that have inferential questions already built in, such as leveled readers. As your child reads, have them stop to answer the questions and cite the evidence from the text that supports their answers.

Finally, help them to see that there is often more than one way to interpret a text. When they are stuck on an inferential question, encourage them to reread the section of the text in question and to look for other pieces of evidence that could support a different answer.

Other related questions:

How do you answer inferential comprehension questions?

When answering inferential comprehension questions, you need to first read the text carefully and then make inferences based on what you have read. In order to make inferences, you need to use your prior knowledge and understanding of the world to fill in the gaps in the text.

How do you assess inferential comprehension?

There are a few different ways to assess inferential comprehension. One way is to ask questions about the text that require the reader to make inferences. Another way is to give the reader a short passage to read and then ask questions about it.

What are inferential comprehension questions?

Inferential comprehension questions are those that require the reader to make inferences, or draw conclusions, based on the information presented in the text. These questions often begin with words like “infer,” “imply,” or “suggest.”


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