How to say reading books in spanish?


Sep 5, 2022

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There are a few different ways to say “reading books” in Spanish, depending on what context you’re using it in.

If you’re talking about reading books for pleasure, you can say “leyendo libros” or “leyendo novelas.”

If you’re talking about reading books for school or work, you can say “leyendo libros de texto” or “leyendo material académico.”

If you’re talking about someone’s reading habits in general, you can say “su hábito de lectura” or “su afición a la lectura.”

No matter which phrase you use, it’s important to remember that the verb “leer” (meaning “to read”) is conjugated differently in Spanish depending on the subject pronoun. So, for example, “I am reading a book” would be “estoy leyendo un libro,” but “he is reading a book” would be “él está leyendo un libro.”

Other related questions:

How do you say I read lots of books in Spanish?

Leo muchos libros.

How do you say in Spanish I like to read books?

Me gusta leer libros.

What does reading a book mean in Spanish?

Leer un libro significa leer una obra literaria.

How do you say let’s read a book in Spanish?

¡Vamos a leer un libro!


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