There are many ways to say “I like reading books” in Spanish, depending on what you want to emphasize. For example, if you want to say that you enjoy reading books for pleasure, you might say “Me gusta leer libros por placer.” If you want to say that you find reading books to be a valuable activity, you might say “Encuentro valioso leer libros.” And if you want to say that reading books is one of your favorite pastimes, you might say “Mi pasatiempo favorito es leer libros.”

Other related questions:

How do you say she likes to read books in Spanish?

Ella le gusta leer libros.

How do you say we like the books in Spanish?

Nos gustan los libros.

How do you say read books in Spanish?

“Read books” can be translated to “leer libros” in Spanish.

How do you say I read lots of books in Spanish?

I read a lot of books.


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