If you’re looking for ways to make sure your kids are reading books on their level, consider these tips:

1. Make sure they have access to a variety of books.

2. Encourage them to read aloud to you.

3. Help them find books they’re interested in.

4. Talk to them about what they’re reading.

5. Encourage them to keep a reading journal.

6. Encourage them to read to younger children.

7. Make reading a family activity.

8. Take them to the library or bookstore often.

9. Get them involved in book clubs or reading groups.

10. Most importantly, lead by example!

Other related questions:

How do you get an Epic book to read to you?

To have an Epic book read to you, simply go to your settings and tap on the “Reading” option. From there, you can select the “Text-to-Speech” option and choose a voice to read to you.

How does Epic books for kids work?

Epic books for kids is an online subscription service that provides access to a library of children’s ebooks.

How do I send a book to my kid on Epic?

There isn’t a specific way to do this, but you can try a few things. One option is to create a post on the Epic Community boards asking if anyone has the book and is willing to send it to you. You can also check the Epic digital library to see if the book is available to borrow. Finally, you can try contacting the author or publisher directly to see if they can send you a copy.

Is Epic books kid friendly?

Epic books are kid friendly books.


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