There are a number of ways to connect your print and Kindle versions of books on KDP. The most common way is to use the ISBN number. You can also use a variety of other methods, such as using a link in the print book that goes to the Kindle book’s Amazon page, or including a note in the print book that tells readers how to find the Kindle version. You can also promote the Kindle version of your book on your website, blog, or social media platforms.

Other related questions:

How do I combine Amazon editions?

To combine Amazon editions, first sign into your account on the Amazon website. Then, hover over the “Your Account” tab and select “Manage Your Content and Devices.” On the next page, select the “Preferences” tab, and then scroll down to the “Country Settings” section. Click “Edit” next to the “Country for shopping” setting, and then select the country where you want to shop. Finally, click “Update” to save your changes.

Can I publish a book on Amazon in eBook format and paperback format at the same time?

Yes, you can publish a book on Amazon in both eBook and paperback format at the same time.

How do I link to my Amazon KDP book?

There are a few ways that you can link to your Amazon KDP book:

1. Include a link to your book in your author bio on your website or blog.

2. If you have an email list, you can include a link to your book in your signature.

3. You can also share your book link on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.


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