“If you’re an author on Amazon, you can easily change your name on your books. Here’s how:

First, log into your Amazon account. Then, go to your Author Central page.

In the top right-hand corner of the page, you’ll see a button that says “Edit Profile.” Click on that.

Scroll down to the “Basic Information” section. Here, you can change your name, as well as your email address and website.

Make sure to click the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

That’s it! Now your books will show up under your new name on Amazon.”

Other related questions:

How do I change my author name on Amazon?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change your author name on Amazon.

How do I change the author name in KDP?

You can change the author name in your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. To do so, log in to your account and go to “Your Account.” Then, click on the “Personal Profile” tab and scroll down to the “Author Name” section. Here, you can enter a new author name.

Can I change my name on KDP?

Yes, you can change your name on KDP.

How do I edit my book page on Amazon?

To edit your book page on Amazon, simply log in to your Amazon account, go to “Your Profile” and then select “Edit Profile.” From there, you will be able to edit your book page.


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