There are four sections in the reading comprehension portion of the CATE exam- 20 questions in total. The questions are designed to test your ability to understand and analyze what you read.

Other related questions:

How many reading comprehension questions are on the CAT exam?

There are a total of 40 reading comprehension questions on the CAT exam.

How many questions should I attempt in CAT exam?

There is no official answer to this question. However, most people suggest attempting between 60 and 80 questions in the CAT exam.

How many MCQs are there in CAT exam?

There are 100 questions in the CAT exam, which are all multiple choice questions (MCQs).

What score is 99 percentile in CAT?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the percentile score for CAT varies from year to year. However, a score in the 99th percentile would be considered an excellent score.


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