There are a total of 85 questions on the NC 3rd grade reading EOG. The questions are divided into two sections, with 45 questions in the first section and 40 questions in the second section. The questions in the first section focus on reading comprehension, while the questions in the second section focus on vocabulary and reading speed.

Other related questions:

How long is the 3rd grade EOG?

The third grade EOG is approximately 75 minutes long.

How do you pass a reading EOG?

In order to pass a reading EOG, students must earn a score of Level III or above.

What is a 3 on EOG in NC?

A score of 3 on the EOG (End-of-Grade) tests in North Carolina means that the student is considered to be at grade level.

What happens if you fail the EOG in NC?

In North Carolina, students in grades 3-8 are required to take the End-of-Grade (EOG) tests in reading and math. If a student does not pass one or both of these tests, he or she may be required to attend summer school and/or retake the test(s).


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