We don’t have an exact number, but according to Zane Grey’s website, he wrote over 90 novels in his lifetime. Many of his books were bestsellers, and he was one of the most popular authors of his time. His novels are still widely read today.

Other related questions:

How many books are in the Zane Grey collection?

There are over 90 books in the Zane Grey collection.

How many Western novels did Zane Grey write?

Zane Grey wrote over ninety Western novels.

What is the order for the Zane Grey books?

The order for the Zane Grey books is:

1. The Call of the Canyon

2. The Last of the Plainsmen

3. The Heritage of the Desert

4. The Desert of Wheat

5. The Rainbow Trail

6. Riders of the Purple Sage

7. The Lone Star Ranger

8. The Border Legion

9. To the Last Man

10. The Thundering Herd

11. The Day of the Beast

12. The Man of the Forest

13. The Mysterious Rider

14. Desert Gold

15. The Hash Knife Outfit

16. The Drift Fence

17. The Call of the Canyon

18. The Last Trail

19. The Hash Knife Outfit

How many Zane Grey books were made into movies?

At least 90 Zane Grey books were made into movies.


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