It is estimated that there were approximately 5,000 different books written about Jesus during the first century AD. However, only a small fraction of these books survived to the present day. The vast majority of these works were destroyed by the early Christian Church, which sought to canonize only a select few texts as the “official” story of Jesus.

Why did the early Christian Church destroy so many books about Jesus? The simple answer is that the Church wanted to control the narrative about who Jesus was and what he stood for. By destroying the vast majority of texts about Jesus, the Church was able to control the story and shape it to their own ends.

Today, we only have a handful of texts about Jesus that were written during the first century AD. These texts were preserved by chance, and they give us a limited glimpse into the many different stories that were being circulated about Jesus in the early days of the Church.

Other related questions:

Who destroyed books of the Bible?

There is no record of any books of the Bible being destroyed.

Were there books from the Bible that were removed?

There is no evidence that any books from the Bible were removed.

What are the 7 hidden books of the Bible?

The seven hidden books of the Bible are:

1. The Book of Enoch

2. The Book of Jubilees

3. The Book of Jasher

4. The Book of Baruch

5. The Letter of Aristeas

6. The Wisdom of Solomon

7. The Apocalypse of Ezra

Why was the book of Adam and Eve removed from the Bible?

The book of Adam and Eve was removed from the Bible for a variety of reasons. Some believe that it was removed because it was not considered to be an accurate historical account. Others believe that it was removed because it contains information that is not consistent with other books in the Bible.


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