As of October 2020, Ann M. Martin has written a total of 81 books. This includes the popular Baby-sitters Club series, as well as a number of standalone novels and nonfiction books. Martin has also edited several anthologies and contributed to a number of collaborative works.

Other related questions:

What did Ann Martin write?

Martin wrote several books, including the popular Baby-Sitters Club series.

What inspired Ann M Martin to write books?

There is no one answer to this question as Ann M. Martin was inspired by many different things when writing her books. However, some of the things that may have influenced her include her own personal experiences, as well as the stories she heard from others. Additionally, she may have been influenced by the books she read as a child and the types of stories she enjoyed.

Does Ann M Martin have any pets?

Ann M Martin does not have any pets at this time.


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