Since its inception in 2003, the Rainbow Magic series has been a global phenomenon, with over 150 million books sold in over 40 different countries. The series follows the adventures of seven Fairy Friends as they work together to keep the magic in Fairyland safe from harm.

daisy meadows has written over 200 books in the series, with new adventures being released all the time. If your child is a fan of Rainbow Magic, they’re sure to enjoy spending time reading all of Daisy’s wonderful stories!

Other related questions:

How many Daisy Meadows books are there?

There are currently 42 Daisy Meadows books.

How many books are in the Rainbow Magic 2022?

There are currently no plans for a Rainbow Magic 2022 calendar.

How many books are in the Rainbow Magic collection?

There are over 300 books in the Rainbow Magic collection!

How many books are in the Rainbow Fairies series?

There are seven books in the Rainbow Fairies series.


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