Lois Lowry is a prolific writer, with more than 40 books and short stories to her credit. She’s best known for her young adult novels, including The Giver and Number the Stars, but she also writes for children and adults. Her work spans a variety of genres, from dystopian fiction to historical fiction to picture books.

Lowry began her writing career in the late 1970s, with a series of picture books about a family of anthropomorphic gorillas. She made her mark in the young adult genre in the early 1990s with a trilogy of dystopian novels set in a future society where people are divided into factions based on their personality type. The Giver, the first book in the trilogy, won the 1994 Newbery Medal.

In recent years, Lowry has returned to writing for children with a series of picture books about a mischievous rabbit named Gooney Bird. She has also published a series of novels for adults, known as The Bromeliad Trilogy.

With more than four decades of writing experience, Lois Lowry is one of the most accomplished authors working today. Her work has been translated into dozens of languages and has sold millions of copies around the world.

Other related questions:

How many books has Lowry written in her career?

Lowry has written over 40 books in her career.

What has Lois Lowry written?

Lois Lowry has written a number of novels, including “The Giver” and “Number the Stars”.

What is Lois Lowry’s first book published?

Lois Lowry’s first book published was “A Summer to Die.”

What are 4 Interesting facts about Lois Lowry?

1. Lois Lowry was born on March 20, 1937, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

2. Her father, Robert E. Hammersberg, was a U.S. Army dentist stationed in Hawaii at the time of her birth.

3. Lowry’s mother, Ruth Hammersberg, was a schoolteacher.

4. Lowry has two older sisters, Helen and Marguerite.


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