When children learn to read using scholastic phonics reading books, they are exposed to a wide variety of words and sounds. This helps them to develop a strong foundation in reading, and to build their vocabulary and reading speed. By reading these books, children also learn about different authors and their writing styles. This exposure can help them become better readers and writers themselves.

Other related questions:

How do phonics books work?

Phonics books work by teaching children the sounds that letters make. By learning the sounds that letters make, children can then begin to put those sounds together to form words.

What step is phonics in the reading process?

Phonics is the first step in the reading process.

What is a phonics based reading program?

There is no one answer to this question as different reading programs may use different approaches to teaching phonics. However, in general, a phonics-based reading program will focus on helping students to understand how the sounds of letters and groups of letters correspond to the words they read. This can involve teaching students to break words down into their individual sounds, or to recognize common patterns in the way that letters are combined to create words. Ultimately, the goal is to help students become more confident and proficient readers.

What is the most effective way to teach phonics?

There is no one “most effective” way to teach phonics, as different students may respond better to different approaches. However, some general tips that may be helpful include:

-Starting with the most basic sounds and gradually introducing more complex ones

-Using a variety of materials and media to help students learn, including books, games, and online resources

-Encouraging students to practice regularly, both in and out of class

-Giving students immediate feedback and praise to help them feel motivated and confident


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