There are a few benefits to using a retelling as a means of assessing reading comprehension. First, it allows the teacher to see if the student has grasped the main ideas of the text. Second, it gives the student an opportunity to practice summarizing and synthesizing information. Third, it can help the student to develop vocabulary and fluency skills. Finally, it can provide the teacher with valuable insights into the student’s comprehension level and needs.

Other related questions:

How does retelling help with comprehension?

Retelling helps with comprehension by providing a way for students to organize and summarize what they have read. It also allows them to identify main ideas and important details. Additionally, retelling can help students to make connections between what they have read and their own experiences.

Why is retelling important in reading?

Retelling is important in reading because it helps readers to understand and remember what they have read. Retelling also allows readers to share their understanding of the text with others.

Is retell a valid measure of reading comprehension?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different researchers may have different opinions on the matter. However, many researchers believe that retell is a good measure of reading comprehension as it requires students to retrieve and synthesize information from the text.

What is the purpose of a retelling?

There are many purposes for retelling a story. Retelling can help a reader or listener to understand a story better, to remember key details, or to re-experience a story that they enjoyed. Sometimes, retelling can also change the perspective of a story, such as when a different character tells the story, or when the story is told from a different point of view.


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