Reading speed is reduced by about 10-15% when text is set in all caps, compared to lowercase. This is because the human brain recognizes words more quickly when they are in lowercase, since that is the most common form of text. All caps text is more difficult to read because the brain must work harder to identify the individual letters.

This effect is even more pronounced when the all caps text is set in a small font size. For example, a study by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology found that reading speed was reduced by about 40% when text was set in 12 point all caps, compared to lowercase.

All caps text is sometimes used for emphasis, but it is generally more effective to use italics or boldface for this purpose. All caps text should be used sparingly, if at all.

Other related questions:

DO all caps slow down reading?

There is some evidence that all-caps text is more difficult to read than mixed-case text, but the research is far from definitive. In general, it is best to use mixed-case text unless there is a specific reason to use all-caps.

Is writing in all caps easier to read?

No, writing in all caps is not easier to read. In fact, it can be quite difficult to read all caps text, especially for extended periods of time.

What does typing in all caps mean?

In most cases, typing in all caps means that the person is shouting.

What is all cap mean?

“All caps” means that a text is written in all capital letters.


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